dinsdag 9 juli 2013

Airchestra july 8th

Airchestra new member meeting july 8th

While Airchestra is  on vacation we have organized a meeting for new members.
We like to welcome Minna, Edward and Bregje to our orchestra.
After a short but passionate introduction the new members have introduced themselves. In short Minna is an experienced violinist from Finland who works for KLM sygnific. Edward works for Ground services as Push-back tow Operator and plays Cello. Bregje, an elementary school teacher in Amsterdam, has played violin and wants to give her musical development a boost.
It is noteworthy to mention that her mother, with Inflight services, was alerted by the advertisement in Cabin Ready asking musicians to join Airchestra!
We owe many thanks to Yvonne Adelaar (flute) for posting the advertisements in several KLM publications.
We played  the Allemande by Schein in four voices and Chanson du Matin by Elgar with three.  We all look forward to the real stuff with the orchestra on Wednesday august 28th.

Vyron, Eleanore

Airchestra was today;

Minna,  Bregje    V1
Eleanore, Vyron  V2
Edward                Cello